The Food provision at Beech House Nursery School is a true passion.

We firmly believe that if we give the children in our care only the best, most wholesome meals, snacks and drinks while they are with us, that this will hugely benefit their overall holistic wellbeing.

Throughout the day, children enjoy nutritious snacks and healthy meals together in a relaxed and happy atmosphere which encourages them to try new tastes and textures and develop a healthy appetite and positive attitude to food.

Our fantastic Cook, Leanne, creates meals with no packets, no artificial colourings, no flavourings, no preservatives, no additives, no sugar or salt, with the aim to future-proof the health and wellbeing if the children in our care.

We extend this love for food to our Parents, with Welcome Meetings, food information evenings and parents liaison meetings in which we meet with ParentsĀ to explain WHY we offer the foods we do.

We’ve taken this even further, by introducing our range of frozen ready-meals for our Parents, so that they – and their families – can enjoy this same level of uncompromising quality at home.

Our Cookery School allows the childrenĀ to follow recipes and create yummy food to either have during the day with snack, or to take home.

We are delighted to hold the top Food Hygiene rating of 5 Stars from the Food Standards Agency – to see more, click here to visit its website.

Leanne Simms

Leanne has taken the reins as our first Kitchen Cook at Beech House.

Leanne liaises closely with Head Chef, Be Mackintosh, to create scrumptious, exciting and varied meals and snacks for the children throughout the day at Beech House.