We decided to reignite a previous institution within Herefordshire Early Years, in order to be able to share best practice throughout the County.

This dedicated group of Owners and Managers of Private full daycare settings join together on a termly basis, discussing all aspects relating to the day-to-day managerial running, and over-archig visions and viewpoints, of their settings.

Rachel arranges the termly meetings, at various settings, ensuring we all feel supported by one another.  Alongside the Termly meetings, Sue and Rachel have also put on our first Training Event (for nurseries, pre-school, schools and childminders), in which we hosted 100 delegates at a Language of Play conference, with Neil Griffiths (of storysack fame) as our first Speaker.

We have linked with two Outstanding Settings in Worcestershire and look forward to attending training at one of those settings in May.