All Inclusive Fees

Beech House Nursery School is different from most nurseries – our fees are fully inclusive!

This means our fees include  – but are not limited to – the below:

SUSTENANCE: Breakfast, mid-morning drinks and snacks, cooked two-course hot lunch, mid-afternoon drinks and snacks and High Tea – prepared fresh on site every day by our highly experienced Kitchen Cook. Children enjoy meals around the table – wonderfully supporting their social skills, where they can enjoy conversation and discuss the meals on offer.  Whilst fully-funded only children do not have to enjoy our meal provision, we sincerely believe children hugely benefit from the wonderful tastes and textures – not only from a nutritional perspective, increasing the ranges of foods your child’s palette may be exposed to, but also from the social side of dining with their friends.

PERSONAL CARE: disposable nappies, wipes and creams. This means you, as parents, do not need to remember to always replenish your stocks, and saves our Staff time – giving them more time with spend time with your children! We also provide Calpol, so long as we have been given written permission from Parents.

EVENTS: we run many different events throughout the year for your child to participate in – we hire the venues, include sound systems and lightening rigs, and also provide refreshments and all props or outfits your child may require. You are then welcome to simply join us for the experience!

OTHER: At Beech House we provide book bags and drawstring bags, a lending library, class outings, specialist sessions and so much more. You will not be expected to provide these yourself, as we believe this greatly relieves pressure on parents, and ensures equal opportunity for all children to experience every element of our ‘outstanding’ nursery provision…