Beech House is split into four main departments, each offering individual care and attention for the needs of each child.

GROUND FLOOR: The  Baby Nursery and Tiny Tots Nursery are located on the Ground Floor of the building – along with the Office and Activity Room.

UNDER GROUND: The Studio is a creative hub – it may be a Dance Studio in the morning and an Artists Studio in the afternoon! It is wonderful, calming and cool space, lit by LED lights and provides a very different space for the children to be immersed in. Lots of Sensory Play happens in this room, with a bubble wall, mirrors and disco balls adding to the atmosphere.

FIRST FLOOR: The Toddler Nursery is found on the First Floor, along with the Dining Room, Kitchen and Senior Meeting Room.

THE LOFT: The Kindergarten Department is situated on the Top Floor, along with a Training Room and Staff Room.