Special Weeks

We love to ‘throw routine out the window’ for a few weeks every year – giving Staff the opportunity to specifically focus on ‘Special’ activities. Staff create activities based on focused topics (e.g. Creative Arts, or Science and Investigation).  Children are able to access any of the activities on offer, with Staff extending or simplifying the tasks depending on the child taking part.

Various ‘Focus Weeks’ have so far included….

Art Week: The Teachers all helped the children to extend their knowledge of different artistic mediums – shadowing painting, using acrylics and charcoals, painting with mud, still life creations, mark making with huge tyres and tiny balls, brushes made from twigs, and creating our own artistic interpretations of works by the great Masters…

Creative Arts: The Team created a range of hugely varied and innovative for all the children of Beech House to experience, from visits by world-renowned Magician Kiegan Vallely and percussionist Bym, to painting to music, maypole dancing and creating our very own Talent Show stage.

Science and Investigation: The children developed their natural instincts to wonder, discover and explore through play.  Their minds were filled with awe and wonder as the team introduced them to how craters appear on the moon to whirlpools, volcanoes to ‘magic’ bouncing eggs. With unforgettable experiences and fun demonstrations to develop their critical thinking skills, we hope to have inspired a new generation of investigators!

Healthy Body, Happy Me: We joined the NDNA’s scheme to introduce children to their physical health, through their Senses.  Children enjoyed Smelly Monday, Tasty Tuesday, Watchful Wednesday, Listening Thursday and Feeling Friday.

Birdwatch: We excitedly took part in the RSPB’s Big Schools’ Birdwatch, helping to contribute to the overall statistics in the UK’s nationwide Garden Watch.

Sports Relief: The children enjoyed Sports all week, experimenting with new and exciting ways to be physically active. With activities ranging from ‘The Cube’ inspired timed challenge, to Yoga, Rugby and GlowFit, the children all learn that physical and mental wellbeing is not only achievable but can also be a huge amount of FUN!

Magic Maths: We had a great time throwing ‘traditional’ maths out of the window, and focusing on developing the children’s understanding of number, shape, space and measure through problem-solving – to help the children truly discover the joy of mathematics. From number rhymes to sorting matching, we used mathematical language and experimentation to develop their understanding of a world of new concepts.

Performing Arts: We were incredibly fortunate to have several inspirational visitors this week (including dance teachers, bagpipe players and a drummer!), helping us to introduce a variety of different performance genres and styles.