Baby Nursery

Our Baby Nursery is a bright and beautiful part of the setting, where we take children from six months of age.

It includes a spacious Playroom complete with underfloor heating, flowing into a beautiful and cosy Sun Room. The Playroom leads onto a peaceful sleep room, where children relax in a darkened room with classical music and pretty mobiles.

The relaxing, carpeted area in the Sun Room enjoys direct indoor-outdoor access to a secure, self-contained Tinies Garden.

Our Baby Nursery is run by a highly experienced team, who all maintain high standards of hygiene and provide first-class, individual care for each child.  

The Babies also share use of the Activity Room with the Tiny Tots – which includes a wonderful Community Playthings climbing frame to keep them active, as well as daily use of the Studio.


SETTLING: We take pride in our Settling process at Beech House. No one settle is the same – every child and parent is different! Families are invited to take their time while setting – getting to know the team and the environment, before slowly withdrawing to have a drink in the Staff Room, while we see how your child is doing without you.  Settles under two hours, accompanied by parents, are free of charge.  Once you leave your child unaccompanied at nursery for two hours or more, settles are charged on a pro-rata basis.

CAR SEATS/PRAMS: Unfortunately we are not blessed with a lot of spare storage space, and we, therefore, request that parents do not leave car seats unless absolutely necessary. Prams/Pushchairs may be stored for a few hours, but Parents are requested to fold these up and ensure they are kept out of the way.  Do be aware that these items are not stored indoors, and the outdoor shelter is not watertight.

COMFORT OBJECTS: Young babies settling often require a Comforter – you are more than welcome to bring in a special teddy etc (named is always preferable!). If your child has a dummy, you are required to bring in a named Dummy Pot – as we do endeavour to ensure dummies are only used as comfort objects and do not remain with the child when they do not need it.

HAIR CLIPS AND DECORATIONS: It’s amazing how quickly some children’s hair grows, and we appreciate the need for clips to maintain unruly locks, however, do bear in mind these could be a choking hazard in the Baby Nursery.  Please ensure hair accessories are used for practical purposes and not simply for decoration.

MULTI-SENSORY ROOM: Our Babies spend lots of time in the Studio. It offers plenty of resources to excite the senses, including a large Bubble Wall where children can be mesmerised by bubbles, a UV light accompanied by a wealth of UV responsive materials, and much more. The room is also equipped with other auditory and sensory resources that enable children to explore the cause and effect of their chosen actions.