Toddler Nursery

Our Toddler Nursery is located in two beautiful rooms on the First Floor of the Nursery.

These children enjoy direct access to the Upper Garden, with the addition of a large, covered ‘outdoor classroom’ that can be used in all weathers, enabling them to explore an extensive range of exciting activities and having heaps of fun!

The Main Base Room is a large, light space with plenty of exciting resources to cover all areas of the curriculum, along with an Interactive Whiteboard which the children use on a regular basis.

Small groups can break away into their Quiet Room, a more peaceful room which includes a large Heuristic Cupboard and comfy cushions and blankets to snuggle up with.


TOILET TRAINING: We will work closely with you as soon as your child shows any interest in toilet training and like to liaise regularly to keep in touch with how things are progressing.

REST AND SLEEP:  All children enjoy a period of Quiet Time after lunch – even those who do not sleep, for we are aware that Nursery is an extremely stimulating place.  Children relax in the Quiet Room, where they choose a pillow and snuggle up.  They watch an approved DVD for 15 minutes, before this is switched off and changed to soothing music.  When they are ready to wake, children are offered a drink of water and time to re-engage, before heading outside for some fresh air.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Toddler Children enjoy Christmas and Spring parties at Hampton Bishop Village Hall, and showcase their physical development through Sports Day in the Summer term.